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Not your regular salon facials

Why Medifacials?


Salon facials generally target instant skin lightening with aggressive bleaching, physical scrubbing and chemical-laden products which can sometimes do more harm than good.


Medi-facials are Dermatologist-supervised advanced therapies which are based on individual skin type with customisability for best results.

The Best Skin





Express Medi-Facials

For the one who needs it during lunch break, or who needs a quick fix just before that big event. 

Maximum Benefit in Minimum Time.

Classic Medi-Facials

Deep cleansing, increased blood-flow and exfoliation make sure your skin gets the rejuvenation it deserves. Take some time to relax and unwind while our cosmetologists care for your skin.

Luxe Medi-Facials

Enhanced protocols with active ingredients target the deepest layers of the skin to give the best, long-lasting results. 

Hydrafacial Signature

WishPro Insta


Hydrafacial Platinum

WishPro Deluxe

Seoul's Skin Secret

OxyJet Medifacial

A tailored facial that allows cleansing and exfoliation with enzymes and fruit acids, as well as the combined Oxy-Jet peel will lwave your skin feeling brand new and ready to slay that party!

SkinHance Medifacial

A powerful cleansing and peel freeing the face of the dust and grime of everyday life, specially focusing on the lips and eyes. Light therapy at the end then just elevates your skin to the next level.


Three steps away from Glowing Skin

Best Hydrafacial in Kochi




The Hydrafacial system's magic lies in the wand, which acts like a vaccum cleaner, sucking up all the impurities and dead skin and opening up pores and removing white/black heads while simultaneously hydrating the skin and allowing boosters to penetrate deep within the skin.

The result?

Your skin GLOWS.

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