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skin treatments in kochi

We seek to preserve & enhance your innate qualities through refined and individualized treatments

About Us- The Best Skin Clinic in Kochi

Located in the Heart of Kochi, Niara Aesthetics, Best Skin Clinic is a Boutique Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic that seeks to provide natural looking, subtle rejuvenation through individually Optimized, Safe treatments from highly experienced Skin Specialists.


We are not a regular skin clinic.. Walk in for a detailed consultation so that we can understand your concerns, what you expect out of your skin and hair and body so that we can implement solutions that are tailored to you.

Skin Concerns

With multiple advanced therapies on offer, everything from acne to tanning and dark pigmentation to blemishes and acne scars can be treated. Read more..

women with great skin

Anti-aging Procedures

As we age, our skin ages, too. You can’t stop time—but there are steps you can take to reduce its effects on your skin. Read more..

Hair Concerns

Treating multiple concerns, including hair re-growth, hairloss, excessive hair with some of the most advanced therapies. Read more..


We offer medi-facials that will assist in deep cleansing, moisturization, acne treatment, exfoliation, or a combination of these services. Read more..

a woman with long hair

IV Therapies

IV nutrition therapy is a safe and effective way to achieve optimal health and prevent disease with easy to infuse vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your system. Read more..

different body shapes and sizes

Body Contouring

We offer advanced treatments such as skin tightening, small volume liposuction, lipolysis as well as PCOS management. Read more..

Why Choose Us?

Listen to what others had to say about Niara Aesthetics

Dr. Sonia Raghukumar recieving an award from Sonu Sood

We constantly strive to give you our best.

We're always working to ensure you get the best we can offer, in terms of skills, technology or products. A lot of our products and technologies are imported to ensure you get the best results.

Dr. Sonia Raghhukumar featured on a magazine Cover

Beyond words.. The best place for your skin solutions I would say.. Thank you so much my dearest Dr. Sonia for making me pampered in and out.

        The entire team who takes you into another world of coziness.. I can see the changes my skin is undergoing day by day and hence the confidence level... Thanks a lot!



One of the most popular Medi-facials across the world for a good reason! Come and find out why..



Non-surgical facial contouring at it's best!

Cleleb glow from forma treatment

3N programme for Hair Loss

Advanced multi-pronged approach for hair loss treatments.

PRP and GFC for hairloss

Anti-wrinkle Injections

The worldwide trusted and safe solution to wrinkles over the face and neck

botox for wrinkles

IV Glow Shots

The ultimate quick-fix to pigmentation issues containing multiple vitamins and peptides to boost your skins natural glow!

iv therapy

Our Most Demanded Procedures!

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